About Us

Museek logoWe at  MUSEEK  will bring the passion and joy of listening to music and watching movies right into your homes so that reel life will become real life.No more setting for anything less than the complete sentence.

A home theatre is made up of two components:Pictures and Sound.For the Picture a full HD / 3D source like a blueray player when combined with a large screen and a projector can transform a ordinary room into a theatre.

Truesound in a 5.1 (for more) set up can bring the softest note of a fall of a leaf or a raindrop into the house.At the same time a well chosen sub woofer can make the thunderous foot steps of a dinosaur or a earth shattering blast into a sofa lifting and floor shaking effect.The clarity of the voice,the seperation of sound to the different speakers,the quality even at low listening volume all are signs of a well designed system.

Not Everybody can go for a seperate home theatre room,where the living room is the only option available,wonderful stylish fashion speakers are available.Choose the color and shape of speakers that best match the decor and let all your guests drool at their sight.The sound quality will be the icing on the close.

A rare bread will be the pure music listener who does not want the movie experience.For them the movement of the finger over the guitar,the small sigh at the end of the note,the haunting soul stirring voices of the singers is the only thing that who can movie their hearts.Pure sound source with pure amplifiers and speakers,so that the very intimate feel that the singer is very much here is more important for them.For them a well designed stereo system is music nirvana and we cater to these audiophiles based on their type of music.

Room planing with special emphasis on acoutic principles and acoutic treatment are special services that are offered by us.Site visit before planning and close co-ordination with your own architects / builders are also done.We at MUSEEK prefer to spend more time with our clients so that we can understand their need and their musical preference before we make our suggestions.We are also very cost conscious and are very particular about the budget of our client and offfer them the best combination money can buy at that price level.